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We Grow With YOU . . .

from swatches You come up with this great new product idea that you can't find anywhere. First you have to decide what the right fabric would be. You aren't that well versed in fabrics so you spend some time reviewing the Harmony Art fabric glossary. You decide to purchase a complete swatch set to see and feel all the fabric for yourself. You live in a rural area so access to big fabric stores is not convenient, but ordering the full swatch set is super convenient and arrives at your door in just a few days. Plus now you will automatically be notified when new organic fabrics are available and can easily request a new swatch of those as well (for free!).

to sample yardage After reviewing the swatches you decide on a wide-width (110") organic cotton sateen and you buy 1 yard to make a prototype. You determine you only need 1 yard since the fabric is 110" wide. OMG! That's 2.44x the yardage than you get on the typical 45" width fabric. You do the math to compare the other non-Harmony Art fabric you were considering (using our handy online fabric calculator) and realize that even though it looks like it is more expensive when you calculate in the additional yield per yard you will get you will actually be saving money!

to 10 yards After receiving your first yard of Harmony Art organic wide-width sateen you make your first prototype and friends and neighbors start asking how they can get one too! As you work to develop your web site and shopping cart you start your first small production run and order 10 yards from Stitch Simple, Harmony Art's USA distribution partner who is delightful to work with. You know you will go through the 10 yards because you already have pre-orders (with deposits) which helps you manage your risk and jump into your production slowly.

NOTE: If you are based in AU/NZ you would order through FERN Textiles and if you are in the EU you would happily be working with Pure Fabricz.

to 50 yards With help from your friends, family and first customers the demand for your product grows. With your next production run you decide to take the plunge and purchase a full 50 YARD roll directly from Harmony Art. You fill out the online application in advance so you can see the 50 yard pricing and know the savings you will have from taking the leap and you begin to look for sewers who will help you meet the demand for your product.

When you roll out new seasonal offerings with new fabrics you always test the market by purchasing smaller yardage from Stitch Simple to make sure it will be a hit before you invest in full rolls.

NOTE: If you are based in AU/NZ you would order through FERN Textiles and if you are in the EU you would happily be working with Pure Fabricz.

to 125 yards Within a few months or maybe you are taking more time to be with your children and the years have slipped by . . . you decide that you want an organic cotton design that Harmony Art doesn't offer. You have a particular vision in your head or a color you have always wanted to use. SO, you email Harmony and start discussing a custom design. You happily sign their Non-Disclosure-Agreement and are granted access to their online library of available designs. You take a peek at the wide array of yet-to-be printed designs and see just what you are looking for. After a few color and scale tweaks, you make a firm commitment (with non-refundable deposit) and split the production run with Harmony Art. You take half the print run and Harmony Art agrees to take responsibility for selling the other half.

to 250 - 2,000 yards and beyond
Years fly by and now you are ready to upgrade to an EXCLUSIVE design that no one else will have but you. You know your market and are confident you have the sales to support the investment. This time you and Harmony work together on a new design that incorporates your logo. The design comes together quickly and you are both excited to see it printed. The long production wait begins . . . but after several months the GOTS certified fabric arrives and you are in heaven!

THE GRAND THING IS YOU CAN JUMP IN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. We love co-creating and helping you bring your vision to life . . . organically, of course!