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"I love your fabrics! They are so soft and vibrant -- not what I was initially expecting from organics."
- Cindy, Pello

"Your fabrics are the best -- strong, soft and elegant."
- Emily, Little Hipster Slings

"Harmony is a passionate organic fabric designer who was into fresh, modern prints before "organic fabric" was cool. Back when I was sewing more regularly, I would often go on and on here about Harmony Art fabrics. Still to this day, they are the best fabrics I've ever worked with. Perhaps is has to do with the fact that there is so much heart behind Harmony Art Organic Designs - I've always been so impressed by her drive, passion, sincerity, and that fact that she really is an honest, kindhearted person making a change in the world in a beautiful way."
- Liesl, Liesl Made

"I love Harmony Art's sateen cottons. In addition to being organic, the fabrics are luxuriously soft. Love the wide range of fabric designs and the coordinating solids. They are perfect for my products and no other organic fabrics come close to the look and feel of Harmony Art. I buy from Stitch Simple and Jen is a pleasure to do business with. Thank you both for helping me make beautiful products I am proud to offer."
- Donna, Scentsual Eye Pillows

" . . your fabrics are FOREVER our favorites... by a long shot!!! We have tried nearly every other organic cotton out there, and nothing is even close to your quality, and many of them are more expensive, too! Plus they're 44" wide, which is so hard to work with."
- Leah, Island Picnic

"The fabric is just gorgeous - I have never seen such a fine quality. The members that saw the fabric were awed. Even my husband remarked how nice the fabric looked and felt."
- Kathleen, Scott Valley Quilt Guild

"You enjoy a wonderful reputation among the people you work with. I met with all of the people involved in this with me while I was on vacation. We looked at numerous swatches from a number of companies. The long and short of it is that we want to work with your fabrics exclusively. Everyone agreed immeditately that your fabrics and designs are so far superior that there is just no comparison."
- Ginny

"I received the fabric and it is so gorgeous! I can't wait to sew with it. Thank you again!"
- Beth, SewNews.com

"I had never sewn with sateen before this past week. ...there is nothing like it! It truly is so wonderful to sew with, and the drape of the fabric makes a most delightful finished garment. I think I have found a new love. Thanks for sharing your talent!"
- Kristy

"Thank you so much for coming out to our Guild meeting tonight. You really wowed us with your presentation! We appreciate all the work that you put into it, especially your Keynote-what a great visual aid! You gave us so much good info and your enthusiasm was infectious. And, we even got a new member thanks to the success of this meeting (and possibly due to your plug for the group at the end-thank you!!!). We couldn't have asked for more."
- Kiera, Surface Pattern Design Guild

"I've been working with your sateen prints and absolutely love the diverse patterns that are available. Each is a very unique aesthetic, and there's nothing else on the market like it. The patterns are very eye-catching, and so diverse that they can be used for many different types of products. I've also had the fabrics tested by a professional lab, and am happy to say that they kept their color and softness really well."
- Sandra

"WOW. It's so beautiful in person. I mean, I loved the print on screen (Evelyn & Janette) but i think this one has to be in hand to really get how scrumptious it is- the colors are deeper. I cannot wait to get creative with it!"
- Mary Beth, Earth Huggy

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond in our fabric purchase recently. I am amazed at the level of service you provide. It's so refreshing to have such positive business interactions!"
- Lennore

"...you can truly pat yourself on the back for having the most amazing interlock available. I knew it was awesome... but I thought that other designer fabric suppliers would be using similar quality for their prints.... well, wrong-o. While really soft, the other (bigger name) interlock stuff stretches so bad a beginner would be throwing their machine out the window before they'd buy it again."
- Jen

"Gosh, Harmony, I just have to tell you how impressed I was at your presentation today at the Quilters' Guild. Your slide show and commentary were so professional yet personal. You had everyone in the palms of your artistic hands.

What a wonderful successful adventure you've had building your business and you've tailor made it to fit your dedicated philosophy of protecting the planet. I can't tell you how very much I admire you for all you've accomplished.

In the past, I've seen you as a quiet almost shy but supportive person. Now I see you as a powerhouse in your field but with an unassuming and unpretentious demeanor. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
- Karel, quilter

"Just received the new fabric (Evelyn & 40 Ginkgos). We just love them! Comments when we opened them were beautiful, gorgeous, love the colors and gotta have it! Thank you again for beautiful prints."
- Diana

"My experience with Harmony Art was beyond expectation. Harmony was professional, the product was outstanding and her resolution to a simple issue was expedient and generous. We are a custom print studio who sources fabric from around the world and we would highly recommend Harmony and Harmony Art for all organic fabric requirements.

They were terrific and we look forward to a long relationship with them!"
- Raylene, President DyeNamix.com

"You have such awesome fabrics! I don't know what we in the organic industry would do without Harmony Art fabrics!!!!"
- Leah

"The fabrics came yesterday and they are JUST GORGEOUS! I am so in love with them I can't WAIT to start making stuff!! Your work is truly inspiring and you don't know how exciting it is for me to be able to use them."
- Robin

"Vein is beautiful. You really do have to see it in person to appreciate it!!"
- Deidrea

"I sourced your fabric through Nearsea Naturals and was just overjoyed at how beautiful they are. We really loved sewing with these fabrics, they had none of the residue of conventional, no sore throats from fabric fibers. It was truly wonderful."
- Heather

"My brain is just going in overload thinking of all the wonderful things I could do with your prints!"
- Sheree ShereesAlchemy.com

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my sample yardage today and your prints are BEAUTIFUL!"
- Grace, Patemm.com

"I love the fact that you responded so fast!"
- Michelle, CottonMonkey.com

"I love your fabrics and your philosophy! I heard about Harmony Art through OrganicCottonPlus.com. Your fabric helps me to really set my dog beds apart from all the others out there. I know that I can always count on you for great designs and a quality product which I can confidently pass along to my customers. I feel especially proud when I send someone a Bella Dogga bed made with Harmony Art fabric! Thank you."
- Lisa

"The fabrics arrived today, they are really beautiful just as I expected! I'm so thrilled to have them, they will make awesome gift bags."
- Jessica M.

"I respect how you ask tough questions and follow up (politely yet persistently) to get answers and how you've led the way with your fabrics. From the beginning you've created beautiful, whimsical designs, while ensuring the finished products meet the organic fiber processing standards. You've set the bar high for the fabric sector!"
- Sandra Marquardt, OnTheMarkPR.com

"Thank you so much for your great talk full of history and positive visions of the future. It was truly inspiring!"
- Nancy S.

"I wanted to let you know that the bolt got here yesterday. It is beautiful! And large! My boyfriend and I are trying to design a roll for it - you should see my sewing room it is only 12 by 10 which makes the bolt look even larger. I can't wait to cut into it ..... Thanks again - it has been great working with you I hope to do so again in the future."
- Nora

"Working with you has truly opened up my vision to the organic world, and hopefully continue to enrich my days, as you have become a true and dear friend! On top of that I just love your designs, they make me "feeling the form of nature", and inspire me in my own artistic-textile creations...and just looking at them make me feel happy! Especially the 10 flowers design, you created for my project! Thank you for sharing!"
- Martje

"...the designs are just beautiful, subtle and complex yet with that freshness that is your signature style."
- Rebecca T.

"I was so happy... for the opportunity to have both classes hear about your pioneering work in sustainable textiles. I know for a fact that you have planted a lot of seeds in sustainability..."
- Ann Savageau, UC Davis

"Your prints are offering color and interest to the organic world and even making non-organic minded people take notice!"
- Holly A.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I have ordered and have now received your pink sateen for the very first time today and I truly love this fabric! It is so incredibly soft and the color is perfect. Thank you for bringing us such high quality organics in such colorful colors!"
- Patrice J., PrettyMommaSlings.com

"I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am for your support and advice this year. I literally could NOT have started my company had it not been for your help, so I feel like I owe you a tremendous thank you. It's rare to stumble upon somebody as genuine and selfless as you, not to mention somebody who is as dedicated to making a positive difference in the world, so I hope you know how much it means to me."
- Michelle Adams,

"I just love the honesty of your process and the full disclosure that you put on your site about how your fabrics are made, etc... "
- Soni

"When I heard Harmony speak at the de Young it really opened my eyes to the simplicity of the organic cotton decision. It isn't just about cost or trend, it's about our health and the planet's health. It's no longer an option but a destination we must move consciously towards "
- Julia, Julia Minasian Designs